Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It Could Be My Fault

I think my youngest son may be allergic to wool. 4 years of creams and ointments and food elimination and itchy burning skin and duh! mom! WOOL!
I don't think it's the only trigger for his eczema, he definitely has some food sensitivities as well, but after reading about lanolin alcohols and what not I think we may have found an additional culprit for his skin flare ups.
I haven't researched enough to know if being in contact with someone (me) who has been in contact with wool would cause a reaction in someone (son) who is allergic, but if that is the case I will gladly get rid of all my wool yarn.
His latest outbreak was especially severe and my looking into the wool thing led me to find that the ointment (Aquaphor) that I just started using on him, at the dermatologist's suggestion, contains lanolin alcohols! Hello, not only am I knitting on a wool sweater and a wool/alpaca shrug right now, but I am also slathering him in lanolin thinking I'm doing him a favor! Poor, poor baby - how I wish I could just trade skin with him until this flare up subsides.