Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just Do It Already

My August 30th deadline has come and gone - see how I avoided posting yesterday?
I finished one of the baby sweaters but the other still awaits its top half -
oh well - you can't really be the loser if you're the only player right?
Anyway, I've been much too busy with really important matters like ruminating on my Something Sensibly Priced vs. Tilli Tomas decision - I've taken another step down that slippery slope - TT color cards are on their way to my house - I don't know how many times I've gone back and forth from this site to that looking at various yarns and coming back to TT - But I can't seem to take the plunge either way...
So I won't be starting the KAL that is beginning tomorrow - I'll be plugging along on teeny sleeves and upper body of little peach baby sweater - and knitting something is better than not knitting anything right? Or maybe I'm really just afraid to get in the game -

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm the Sucker

I want that silk yarn - that oh so expensive 100% spun silk Tilli Tomas yarn - even though I know that Simple Knit Bodice is not going to fit like the one on the fair skinned, ever so slender, dark haired little pretty in the picture because she's wearing a too big sweater all pinned in the back to look drapey yet fitting - I still want that yarn - The Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton Silk would work just fine for so much less money but I can't stop looking at that sheeny, shiny, flowy yet substantial silk - its the dream - the dream of that perfectly drapey yet clingy in all the right places pixie princess on a hill sweater that doesn't exist for moms of three with perfectly drooping boobs and childbirth hips - and still I click on over to the Tilli Tomas and the perfectly fixed picture that cannot be(without modifications) A picture is worth a thousand words - and thousands of dollars in yarn sales.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Little Things

I finished the little blue baby sweater for my mom's co-worker - looks cute if you don't look to close. It still needs buttons.

And now 3 days to finish the litle girl one - but all I really want to do is work on mini Simple Knitted Bodice - I can't think right now with Snook the Sloth singing "the way of the bog" in my ear -
my brain feels like it's sitting in the middle of a bog these days - foggy, muddy,dark slimy and oh so slow - I think that's why I can't seem to finish adult size things - I was looking back through my finished knits and I only have two adult size sweaters finished - there are lots of hats,scarves,booties, a few baby sweaters - all teeny tiny things - its all my attention span can span - Little kids just suck it right out of you (literally, I just weaned my 2 year old) - but then I think gosh they're so cute and it goes by so fast and all that nostalgic bogging me down with teary eyes and sniffles stuff - and I need to be more present for them like right now when my little guy is yelling for me to open his dinosaur container and I'm here in my alternate knitting universe all annoyed and frustrated that I can't finish one post without being interrupted - what kind of mother am I?!!!
The kind that puts knit items on a stuffed monkey because there are no 3-6 month olds nearby at one in the morning -

A baby dress made from leftover Knitpicks Shine - I think its kind of cute- especially on Bobby Jack.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Low tech

I can't get the pictures to go where I want them - or the right words to go with the pictures - and how do people get all those fancy buttons and flashy gizmo click me things on the sidebar? But this is kind of fun for me anyway - is it all right to have a plain Jane blog? Or maybe I should just go dust off my diary from 5th grade with the little lock and key -
I'm seaming that little blue sweater - its a little wonky looking - not the seaming but the actual sweater - just do what the pattern says next time right?
I'm sure there are directions somewhere about how to get all those links and things going too - I really do know how to follow directions - my knitting and blogging just haven't found that out yet.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Needles(s) to say...

...I am not knitting at the moment(precisely because I SHOULD be) but I do have pictures of the two little sweaters I have vowed to finish by August 30th - I know you are all turning blue with the suspense and excitement.

...And here is the humble beginning of my mini Simple Knitted Bodice.

...And a picture to scare away anyone who may have somehow stumbled upon this.

Sweet dreams :)

Monday, August 21, 2006


Thought I would just stick a few more pictures of some things I've knit.

A little baby sweater - I just added some cables to the Daisy baby pattern from Knitty Summer '03
Soleil from Spring '05 Knitty - A little big on top but I've worn it a few times and no one has stared and pointed
Lace from Soleil - oooh, ahhh

In the round booties from Melanie Falick's "Knitting for Baby"

One of my first projects during my Fall '04 learning to knit Hat-o-rama. Awww, so cute

It's kind of like hauling out the HS yearbook and realizing you didn't look quite as great as you thought you did - I haven't taken pictures of my current Works (Not) In Progress - I'm wasting all my late night knitting time trying to figure this blog thing out.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I really do knit sometimes

Just my hands and some ugly yarn

Washcloths - two from Mason-Dixon Knitting and some of my own
Experimenting with variations on Log Cabin knitting - inspired by Woolly Thoughts


One panel of my "toosmalligina" ("finished" June 2006) - now 6 balls of nice pink Cotton Classic - my first complete frogging of an almost completed object - I had finished the back, front, joined and done the ribbing and tried it on excitedly to find that I had grossly miscalculated when trying to substitute a slightly thicker yarn for the one in the pattern - my sides were overflowing the lovely lace and no seam on earth would be able to reign them in - I then actually considered wearing it without seaming the sides - confirmation of the seriously delusional state at which I have arrived.

I have since bought some Jaeger Siena which I know should knit up in an appropriate fashion. (See version of "Orangina" knit in black Jaeger Siena atKnitandtonic) I will follow directions the first time. I will follow directions the first time. I will follow directions...


Why do I look at those two tiny, easy little sweaters, one of which is so close to being finished - why do I look at those and pass them by and start yet another project? It seems anytime I have a knitting deadline of some sort(in this case the arrival of two babies coming to coworkers of my mom's) I go on a frantic search for something else to put on my needles. I've become enamored of the Simple Knitted Bodice pattern by Stefanie Japel - bought the pattern from Stitch Diva and have begun a small sample sweater- I had some dk weight cotton/viscose/silk and figured out if I knit the XS size with size 5 needles and this yarn the sweater would fit my little girl - At least I haven't bought new yarn for a me sized sweater.
And meanwhile the first 3 inches of the Lacy Little Top in Allhemp3 which has been languishing in its box for 2 months is suddenly beckoning.
But anyway all this to avoid what? Those two little baby sweaters are sweet and simple but alas, I HAVE to make them - that's what it is I think. When the knitting becomes HAVE to I shut down. But I won't let my mom down - I, who never commit to a deadline if I don't absolutely have to am setting one for myself - August 30th - they will be done - Maybe this imaginary accountability will spur me on and if it doesn't motivate me it really doesn't matter right? Because I could just lie all over this thing and no one would know or care - but knitters aren't ever liars of course - I'll figure out how to post pictures so you can know I'm on the knitting up and up.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Less Abnormal

Look at me all bloggy like I have so much to say to the world.
So I started this thing because I like to knit - and all these people
are knitting all over the internet and I've gotten caught up in the
endless links and great knitting tips and pictures and funny ladies who love yarn and need some sort of creative outlet and camraderie - and it's funny because I'm not knitting right now and I'm by myself - but writing this still somehow satisfies my knitting urge and browsing all the knit blogs makes me feel not so abnormal in my yarn fascination - that's all we want right? to feel just a little less abnormal?
hello hello