Sunday, August 20, 2006


Why do I look at those two tiny, easy little sweaters, one of which is so close to being finished - why do I look at those and pass them by and start yet another project? It seems anytime I have a knitting deadline of some sort(in this case the arrival of two babies coming to coworkers of my mom's) I go on a frantic search for something else to put on my needles. I've become enamored of the Simple Knitted Bodice pattern by Stefanie Japel - bought the pattern from Stitch Diva and have begun a small sample sweater- I had some dk weight cotton/viscose/silk and figured out if I knit the XS size with size 5 needles and this yarn the sweater would fit my little girl - At least I haven't bought new yarn for a me sized sweater.
And meanwhile the first 3 inches of the Lacy Little Top in Allhemp3 which has been languishing in its box for 2 months is suddenly beckoning.
But anyway all this to avoid what? Those two little baby sweaters are sweet and simple but alas, I HAVE to make them - that's what it is I think. When the knitting becomes HAVE to I shut down. But I won't let my mom down - I, who never commit to a deadline if I don't absolutely have to am setting one for myself - August 30th - they will be done - Maybe this imaginary accountability will spur me on and if it doesn't motivate me it really doesn't matter right? Because I could just lie all over this thing and no one would know or care - but knitters aren't ever liars of course - I'll figure out how to post pictures so you can know I'm on the knitting up and up.

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