Monday, August 21, 2006


Thought I would just stick a few more pictures of some things I've knit.

A little baby sweater - I just added some cables to the Daisy baby pattern from Knitty Summer '03
Soleil from Spring '05 Knitty - A little big on top but I've worn it a few times and no one has stared and pointed
Lace from Soleil - oooh, ahhh

In the round booties from Melanie Falick's "Knitting for Baby"

One of my first projects during my Fall '04 learning to knit Hat-o-rama. Awww, so cute

It's kind of like hauling out the HS yearbook and realizing you didn't look quite as great as you thought you did - I haven't taken pictures of my current Works (Not) In Progress - I'm wasting all my late night knitting time trying to figure this blog thing out.

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