Friday, August 18, 2006

Less Abnormal

Look at me all bloggy like I have so much to say to the world.
So I started this thing because I like to knit - and all these people
are knitting all over the internet and I've gotten caught up in the
endless links and great knitting tips and pictures and funny ladies who love yarn and need some sort of creative outlet and camraderie - and it's funny because I'm not knitting right now and I'm by myself - but writing this still somehow satisfies my knitting urge and browsing all the knit blogs makes me feel not so abnormal in my yarn fascination - that's all we want right? to feel just a little less abnormal?

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Tammy said...

Hi Knitnerd - I'm laughing because I could ditto your reasons for starting a blog and your bio. A little obsessive (definitely!) I'm also a bit impulsive, and a major over-thinker (as my husband calls me... my doc calls it ADD... I say whatever, just give me some yarn!)

I also homeschool - 5 boys - which often leaves me in a very questionable state of mind.

Like you, I started my blog to be a part of it all and I really do get satisfaction in just spending the time writing and blogging. (I also like feeling a bit less abnormal.) So I will read your blog (I'm going to link it at my site right now) and you can read mine and we'll both know that somebody's out there. :)

BTW - Your SKB is looking great!