Thursday, February 21, 2008

Public Display of Affection

I went up to a perfect stranger who was knitting in Tully's yesterday and asked to feel her yarn - this is a first - it didn't seem odd to me at all, but I think my sister's wanted to just crawl into their nonfat vanilla latte cups. Eh, what do they know?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feeling the Love

Ahhh - Valentine's Day!
The day when you wake up to the 9 year old crying,"Why didn't you wake me up to say happy valentine's day to dad before he left!" and the 3 year old yelling from his bed, "I"M WET!!". Then at breakfast the 5 year old spills her milk all over the table and floor...and of course I dealt with all of these incidents with the utmost love and patience and gentleness...ahem...yeah...anyway-

In any case, good reminders to me of what love is - taking care of another's needs before my own and even when I don't want to - Love is hard stuff.
But I am so glad God has given me these little ones to push me and challenge me to learn real love because left to myself - well, let's just say self-absorption is not hard stuff for me.

And to round out this Valentine's post, here's something bright red that was a fun quick knit - Foliage hat in Lamb's Pride Bulky - just a little bit of love for me.

Friday, February 01, 2008

In Which I Jump on Another Bandwagon

I'm not quite sure what I started out looking for on Ravelry but I somehow ended up drooling over the Hemlock Ring Blanket - so many people have made or are making it that I figured it was safe to give it a try even though it looks rather intimidating - and its no wonder its so popular - very straightforward knitting and the end product is absolutely gorgeous. Now mine isn't absolutely gorgeous yet - just a puckery flower at the moment, but I am really enjoying it.

I happened to have 2 hanks of the Cascade Eco Wool hanging around - my husband's aunt gave it to me a few years back - so this was another reason I was so excited to start this project.

Also, I saw this at the LYS and had to buy some after touching it - maybe a small scarf or something.

Still working on Juliet and Tree Jacket but they're both at the tedious point where you have to keep doing long rows of the same thing over and over hence the new yarn and new project - gotta keep things fresh!