Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feeling the Love

Ahhh - Valentine's Day!
The day when you wake up to the 9 year old crying,"Why didn't you wake me up to say happy valentine's day to dad before he left!" and the 3 year old yelling from his bed, "I"M WET!!". Then at breakfast the 5 year old spills her milk all over the table and floor...and of course I dealt with all of these incidents with the utmost love and patience and gentleness...ahem...yeah...anyway-

In any case, good reminders to me of what love is - taking care of another's needs before my own and even when I don't want to - Love is hard stuff.
But I am so glad God has given me these little ones to push me and challenge me to learn real love because left to myself - well, let's just say self-absorption is not hard stuff for me.

And to round out this Valentine's post, here's something bright red that was a fun quick knit - Foliage hat in Lamb's Pride Bulky - just a little bit of love for me.


Heather said...

Love the hat!
Sounds like my mornings. Good to know I'm not the only one.

Michelle said...

Love the hat. Is it a weird pressure change going on? The little one here is crazy.