Thursday, March 19, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Breathe in, breathe out...

Too much excitement for my little self today - First there was the cutting of the cord; my Wisteria is finally finished and I was almost weepy on the last few rounds of the sleeve.

So many pregnancy, birth/knitting parallels. Looking forward with so much expectation to that finished project yet when it is handed to you there is some strange sense of loss - the cutting of the cord that sends you flying of onto a new uncertain path - the love for the creation despite its flaws and quirks. I don't know why this pattern enamored me so much, but I am so grateful for wonderful, creative designers who share these gems. The Berocco Ultra Alpaca was great to work with as well and I can't wait until this is all blocked and ready to wear! (And ready to be photographed properly).
And another love - Elann - oh Elann, how I love you. You and your super fast shipping and your fun, fun spring yarn packs that seduced me into buying one in each color - new dreams of all the possible creations!

Wisteria, my winter journey complete and completely loved - On to the bright colors of Spring!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Big, Comfy, Orange Coat

This finished blocking and became nice and flowy and comfy. And bumpy arms and all, I love it!

Especially those buttons - I couldn't find any buttons that really called out to me, so I asked my husband who does woodworking if he could make me some. He took some scrap wood and made these cute square guys - I don't know why I never asked him before - could have saved a lot of money on buttons!

Nice basic coat for a rainy, cold Sunday in Seattle - just wish I had written down all the numbers and notes!

Friday, March 13, 2009


What was meant to be a 3/4 sleeve cardigan was content to be a cap-sleeved shorty sweater. This shorty is also content.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Orange

I was cold one evening in January and I also wanted to use up some yarn I had sitting around - so I cast on and just started knitting - Two strands of Patons wool held together on size 11 needles allows you to see progress very quickly and even though it's not the most beautiful or refined thing, it is nice and warm and used up 6 balls of stash yarn which makes me warm and happy inside. I really like this color and I had initially bought the yarn to make the Paton's Must-Have-Cardigan which is a very beautiful cabled thing. But because I am me, I must have my cardigan very quickly or I will never have it finished, hence the double strand, big-ole coat that was much more brainless and quick. I like how the body turned out, but some random cabling I threw in on the arms didn't turn out so well and just adds bulk. I will not rip it out though - it's warm and functional, so it is done. I'm headed out to get some cheap buttons this afternoon.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Passing it around

I was inspired to dig through some leftover yarns - a friend of mine is diligently using up her stash and I felt compelled to see what yarns I had long forgotten in my ongoing frenzy of ogling the next yarn for the next great project - This little purse is made with Cascade Eco Wool which felted superbly.

I dug up a bunch more woolly odds and ends that I have grand notions of knitting up into wild and insanely creative felted - uh - stuff...that I could frame and give as gifts otherwise i'd still have just as much yarn, just in a different form. Yeah, artsy framed felted something somethings for everyone!