Monday, August 28, 2006

Little Things

I finished the little blue baby sweater for my mom's co-worker - looks cute if you don't look to close. It still needs buttons.

And now 3 days to finish the litle girl one - but all I really want to do is work on mini Simple Knitted Bodice - I can't think right now with Snook the Sloth singing "the way of the bog" in my ear -
my brain feels like it's sitting in the middle of a bog these days - foggy, muddy,dark slimy and oh so slow - I think that's why I can't seem to finish adult size things - I was looking back through my finished knits and I only have two adult size sweaters finished - there are lots of hats,scarves,booties, a few baby sweaters - all teeny tiny things - its all my attention span can span - Little kids just suck it right out of you (literally, I just weaned my 2 year old) - but then I think gosh they're so cute and it goes by so fast and all that nostalgic bogging me down with teary eyes and sniffles stuff - and I need to be more present for them like right now when my little guy is yelling for me to open his dinosaur container and I'm here in my alternate knitting universe all annoyed and frustrated that I can't finish one post without being interrupted - what kind of mother am I?!!!
The kind that puts knit items on a stuffed monkey because there are no 3-6 month olds nearby at one in the morning -

A baby dress made from leftover Knitpicks Shine - I think its kind of cute- especially on Bobby Jack.

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