Sunday, May 27, 2007


3 ladies - 9 kids

+ lodge by river

+ healthy snacks ( I know these don't belong on a proper girls getaway but one of us is being very very good about eating healthy and it's really starting to pay off... yay Alissa!)

=giddy girl chatter, relaxing spa activities, hiking without having to worry about someone falling off a cliff or eating poisonous berries, a little shopping, just good times.

And of course even after just 2 days, you come back to your brood with new appreciation for just how precious they are to you and how cute their little faces are and for maybe 27 minutes they are so happy to see you that they don't whine or stomp off to their room in a huff about something...and once they start doing that again hopefully you have a little stored up energy from your weekend recharge to respond in more positive ways than you did before the getaway. Just have to remember those things we learn in the few quiet getaway moments we have as moms to help us through the noisy, rowdy, whiny, what do I make for dinner moments of our everyday days - but I have a hard enough time remembering where I put my cell phone, so these recharging sessions may need to increase in frequency.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Looked like fun. It's nice you got to get away...but no knitting? Are you crazy?

btw, I would like to see your Ms. Marigold. Mine looks really small.