Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lotus Blossomless

Here's my Lotus Blossom Tank withouth the lotus blossoms.
-Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton in Glacier
-Size 4 and 5 needles
-Used Milanese Lace from a Barbara Walker stitch dictionary instead of lace in pattern.
-Reworked the numbers in the pattern because of slightly different gauge and also to make front and straps narrower.

Overall I'm pleased - and am surprised how much I like the color on me - I tend to do lots of reds and browns and earthy colors so this blue is a nice change.
Fun pattern - potentially a very quick project - for someone who is not me.

Actually, when we were in Colorado I didn't knit very much at all (this project stayed home). Anyway, I think I was online one day while we were there and my mom suggested I just stop knitting because it makes me not pay attention to my kids and of course much guilt and self-reproach ensued inside my perpetually guilty conscience and I stuck the one garter stitch blanket that I had brought in the bag for the rest of the trip. How could I not knit? I mean better a little negligence than going so crazy that they haul me away in a straightjacket right? After working through my guilt, I was just annoyed and sad at my mom's comment - I wonder how much she never did because of me and my sisters.
All this to say, even though FOs are few and far between for me, the knitting itself and the endless possibilities in color and texture are too fascinating for me to stop my interest - and I think its good for my kids to know that mom still wants to learn and try new things and even if they have to be dragged along to the LYS one more time I know they will be fine because I love them too much to let myself become so depleted that I have nothing to offer them - knitting fills up some part of me that wants to explore and create and that is a good thing.


Tammy said...

Great job! I really like the lace pattern you used.

Michelle said...

Very nice! Makes me want to finish something, eventually.