Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas is a-comin' ...

Made 25 little socks for a Christmas countdown Advent tree. (Hubby made the tree.)We'll give it to the kids after the annual wreath-making tomorrow so we can start plucking socks on December 1st! Hope they like it.

Plan is to put a little paper with a Christmas activity to do or Scripture verse to read in each sock and pick one off the tree each day.

Then 1 family member gets the sock and has the assignment of writing a little Christmas greeting and putting it in the sock and giving it to someone else sometime that day.
Friend, co-worker, random stranger - hopefully just a little bright spot in someone’s day this Christmas season!


Elle J said...

so creative - love the idea!!!

Ida E said...

Your tree and socks are cute, a good idea for calender. We have one with many pockets.