Monday, November 22, 2010

Staying Warm

A cold, cold Sunday found me at home with a sick boy - it was a peaceful morning with said boy snoozing on the couch, younger boy reading and playing legos, and daughter off to church with Daddy. And as feather-light snow began to drift about, I sat warm and content knitting by the fireplace. Enforced home time is so pleasant on occasion and on this particular occasion gave me the space to finish up 2 little Christmas gifties for my niece and nephew.

These look so perfect for a day like today - our snow finally came! Kids were sent home early and have spent the afternoon frolicking in the wintry backyard. The sun is peeking through on the sugar frosted scene now - our foretaste of winter short but sweet.

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Ida E said...

The hats was really cool. Earflaps is a blessing for childrens ears. Hope they loved them.