Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

This showed up on my doorstep this morning, hand delivered by SOMEONE very special and so sweet she always shows up on doorsteps unexpectedly bearing gifts. THANK YOU you sneaky elf!
I'm not making much progress on anything knitting related -
We had a big windstorm last Thursday and power was knocked out all over the place - our power was only gone for about 24 hours - but my Husband's brother and sister-in-law didn't get theirs back on until last night(Tuesday!) - So they camped out with us for 3 nights after enduring increasingly chilly evenings bundled up inside their own house - so now we'll try to get back to normal so that we can get back to abnormal when my parents come into town on Friday morning - so I am increasingly doubtful that the "puhwple" sweater will be done before Christmas - all my energy will be diverted into a massive cleaning effort that would probably not have to be such an effort if I would just expend some minimal cleaning effort on a more regular basis - but really, it's not that fun unless there's some stress involved right?

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Dysfunctional Knitter said...

Boy, she sounds nice! LOL!