Friday, January 05, 2007

A "puhwple" sweater with very bright yoke accent colors - as per my little girl's specifications - inspired by Wendy Bernard's "Drive-thru"

I used Plymouth Encore and size 7 and 8 needles -
It looks very cute until you look up close and see my horrible finishing - now as this is a seamless sweater one would think that there wouldn't be that much to screw up - but I managed to do just that - the grafted together underarms are ok, but after those stitches were joined I was left with a hole on either side of those stitches - like the fabric got stretched out or I did something wrong when joining all the pieces on the needle - so instead of doing some careful research, I proceeded to sew up the holes in a fit of impatient and ignorant finishing, yeilding a less than spectacular result - only later did I go back and read more CAREFULLY the section about weaving the underarms on this type of sweater in Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitting Around" and realize the "hole" problem could have been avoided very easily by picking up some stitches in those corners and including them in the grafted stitches (and why was this not an obvious solution to me anyway?)
Nevertheless, I'm quite pleased with the sweater, especially when it's on my little girl who has waited so patiently for her purple sweater - And I will trust that the frenetic motion of most 4 year olds prevents too close examination of their knitwear.


Tammy said...

So cute!! No one will ever notice any little underarm spots... because they will be too busy staring at your cute daughter in her colorful sweater!

Mary Ruth said...

The sweater looks cute and the model looks even cuter.

Krazymary said...

Do you ever share your patterns? I'd love to do this one for Peyton in time for the 4th of July. Me thinks this year it definitely could be worn on that day, and this pattern just begs to be done in red, white and blue.