Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm Scarving

While various larger projects lie dormant for the winter, these fun, quick little numbers entice me with the chance to try a new yarn, a new stitch pattern, a new way to procrastinate when faced with knitting sleeves - I currently have 4 easy scarves on needles - 2 of which are pictured here -

a Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf
in Patons SWS(Soy Wool Stripes) color Natural Blue
The yarn has a nice shine and is soft, but it's spun loosely and is a bit sheddy and it took me a little while to get into a groove where I was not splitting every third stitch - I really like the colors though and will probably try some of the other colorways.

And this is a reversible cable scarf in Austermann Bambou Soft. I bought this stuff at the LYS during a New Year sale - and I am loving the feel and the look of it - nice and smooth, a bit of shine, gliding perfectly on the needles - I'm sad I only picked up 20 balls of it (See what has become "only" for me? Oh the gluttony) 3 balls in this rust brown color, 3 in a pinkish lavender color, and 14 burgandy which are longing to become a cabled sweater like the one on display at the LYS that lured me to this yarn in the first place(pattern free with purchase of said yarn) - But it will have to wait until another cabled sweater (Starsky)comes out of hibernation and gets itself finished - let's hope the Wool Bamboo is patient stuff -

The other two scarves are a really chunky ribbed scarf with a cable down the middle and a mistake rib scarf for my sister done in some thick and thin wool she bought at the craft store and I said sure give it to me, I'll knit you something - I'm totally indiscriminate when it comes to yarn - I'll knit with anything - (except furry or feathery stuff) - I just CAN'T GET ENOUGH! Maybe it's time for medical intervention.


Tammy said...

I've knit quite a few quick knits over the last month... 1st Christmas gifts, now a couple of scarves. They sure can be satisfying... especially when you're used to having a collection of not-quite-finished larger projects around.

Love all that snow! What fun!

Anonymous said...

20 Balls? Are you crazy? New books, new yarn, new needles...I wish I had such nice parents as you!

And the snow...I'm so ready for school to start!!!

Rae said...

I love the scarves! Aren't they great for a little production satisfaction?!?!?!