Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another good thing

We are all here enjoying playing pass the virus from one family member to another - its good fun and the game can last for weeks on end to ensure non-stop entertainment!
One good thing - having sick kids gave me a legitimate excuse to miss jury duty last Friday.
Another good thing - I finished the "Simple Hat" from the Simple hat and scarf duo in Melissa Leapman's Cables Untangled - yarn is KP Swish Superwash (I like) in Light Coral - there are some really beautiful items in this book, and what's even more beautiful is that I got it for free! (thanks to Computer Guy's "free shelf" at work -we've scored loads of CDs, kids DVDs, books from this treasure trove - and its all legit - it's not like pilfering office supplies or anything - really)
This is a nice warm hat in a nice soft yarn - if I had a nice, un-cone-shaped head it would be just perfect.

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Tammy said...

Love the hat! I don't have that book but have another one, Inspired Cable Knits. There are about 5 sweater I want to knit from it. However, with temperatures averaging in the high 60s to mid 70s, I'm not sure what I would do with one.

I really need a good knit pattern for an Old Navy t-shirt. Maybe in a light cable pattern. Do you think it exists? lol