Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sock 1

The yarn was sitting there in that strategic position just to the side of the cash register - just like candy in the check-out aisle right at the eye level of my little sugar monsters - I happily succumbed to the retail manipulation -
And here is the beginning of my first sock -

See why I couldn't resist - it looks like those Brach's neopolitan caramel type candies -
I was going full throttle and then I burned out after the heel shaping -

and what is that little hole doing there? Is there a good remedy for that? what did I do wrong?

Anyway, seems that most people knit socks as fun little quick side projects and crank them out like nobody's business - Me, well I'm not so sure I'm feeling the sock love and all that - though all the fun colors and self patterning stuff and the fact that they're so small and portable keep deluding me into thinking that maybe one day I'll feel it - Maybe if I actually get a pair finished and feel them on my feet I'll understand - Oh how I want to feel that sock love - Because I don't doubt that I will continue to run into those tempting little displays at the check-out - and buying yarn just for the sake of looking at it and wanting to eat it, well that's just wrong.

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Tammy said...

First things first... the little whole right there is common. I usually pick up an extra stitch right in that corner when I'm picking up the gusset stitches (tip from Sensational Knitted Socks).

As for the love, I'm probably the wrong one to give advice here... but I always burn out at that point. You'll be ready to pick it up again soon. Now getting the 2nd sock going is my real struggle (thus the 3 or 4 singles in my basket).

And last but not least, you are clearly underestimating the value and beauty of a drawer full of sock yarn! If it looks so good, how could it be wrong??