Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sorry mom...

This little top is made from yarn that I bought several months ago to make something for my mother for her birthday which came and went on April 4th. I thought that maybe she wouldn't quite like the nubby texture( I love it) and so here we have - something for me -

It's basically the Picovoli t-shirt pattern from Magknits - with a little lace rib band (stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's first Treasury) and YO raglan increases - I was intending to do the whole bottom part in the rib and lace stitch but then got lazy and succumbed to the mindless pleasure of stockinette in the round - the yarn is Classic Elite Classic Silk - I love it so much - it's a tad rough on the fingers when working (it's cotton, silk, and nylon)but I really like the feel of the fabric it creates - very light,soft,cool - NEED MORE -
We're 2 weeks away from our first performance of Sound of Music - that's why all I can handle is round and round stockinette - soothes my jittering innards.


Tammy said...

I love your creative touches to the original pattern! It looks great!

FWIW - My mom's b-day was the end of March and I'm still picking out yarn. So at least you tried. :)

Tammy said...

Hi - I still owe you sock yarn but can't find any of your info. *sigh*. I just put a bunch of sock yarn up for sale at if you want to pick one out and e-mail me.