Sunday, June 10, 2007


Sometimes it's just so hard to choose -

I finally bought these two colors for the Blue Sky Alpacas Eyelet Cardigan (thank you special someone who got me the pattern!) because I just couldn't decide - this yarn is so delectably soft and the color choices make it very difficult to resist picking up one of each - Anyway, I settled on these two - the off white, Drift, is the color modeled in the pattern photo - the other is tomato(?) or something like that - and then I just found this free pattern that uses the same yarn and so I am feeling so happy I went ahead and got both colors but i can't decide which color to use for which pattern and I'll need 2 more of whatever color I decide to use for the Licorice Whip sweater so the ladies at the yarn store will think I am completely insane as I have already been back three times to stand in front of the Blue Sky Cotton display and pick up and put back various colors and then settle on something only to come back and exchange colors a few days later - my husband just laughed as I slinked out today.
But now they're all wound up and there's no turning back - just need to figure out what to use for what and we're off - of course I maybe should do something about these first...oh but choosing between UFOs(these 2 are just a small sampling),now this is TOO big of a choice to make right now, so I'll cast on something else while I decide on that.

Danica from Knitty Winter05 and a Top down raglan little baby sweater just for fun because I like small things

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Tammy said...

I'm really enjoying the eyelet cardigan pattern. It seems to be going very fast. This is the 3rd knit that I've used the Blue Sky Cotton for in the last few months. While I used my favorite Knit Picks Options on the first two, I picked up some good ole Clove Bamboo for this one and I really prefer the bamboo for this yarn. Honestly, as much as I love the yarn, it seemed a bit hard on my hands before, but with the bamboo it just glides!

Great entrelac btw. :)