Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Peer Pressure

I started this sock many moons ago.

I mean look at it- don't you just want to eat it?
Anyway, I just went to a local knitting group thing and a couple of the ladies were knitting socks and I just thought oh look how fun with all the cool colors and they were talking about how quick they are - and it made me kind of have an itch to finish this (and its mate - maybe).

And also I bought some jeans which has absolutely nothing to do with this sock but was also a result of peer pressure. Two girlfriends and I went jeans shopping last weekend and tried on 70 gazillion pairs of oh so expensive but they'll absolutely perk up your rear and make you look 7 feet tall jeans. But they didn't really work. (NO Really?) I still looked 5'2" and I think the having 3 kids thing has taken away any possibility of perkiness. So we thanked the kind saleslady after our 2 hour dressing room fashion parade and left with just the nice cups of water with lemon that she had brought us.
But today, I visited one of the friends from the jeans outing and she had picked up 5 pairs of jeans at a not so fancy store and had gotten the 5 pairs for what one would have cost at the other store and I suddenly felt the need to resume the quest for a cute, butt perking pair for myself. And so I feel like I am maybe in 9th grade and I just want to do and wear what everyone else is and then I was thinking that I kind of knit like that. Is that Okay - that we all knit the same thing? Is that part of the appeal? Belonging to something?

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Tammy said...

I've found myself doing the same thing with knitting. The plus side is getting to see the finished item on lots of shapes and sizes and knowing what you're getting into. The downside it I've ended up with a few knits that I simply will never wear... but while I was knitting them, just for that moment... I was in the popular group. *sigh*

As for jeans... Levis!