Monday, March 24, 2008

This and That

I promised my daughter that Pinwheel would be ready to wear by Easter Sunday and here she is ready for church Sunday morning.

it was fun putting the colors together and I just love how simple shapes can turn into garments. However, because of my laziness about adding some stitches and rows to this thing, the sweater is too small for my daughter -

I knit according to the pattern that said it would fit up to a 4 year old - my daughter is almost 6 - a very small 6 but nevertheless, she was not so comfortable in this -

I'm still happy with it though, because of the playing with color and shapes and all the other stuff that a process knitter enjoys even when the end product is not exactly perfect and is now sitting in a crumpled heap on the back seat of the car.

Also, we had a wonderful and colorful Easter -

And our celebration ended with the losing of a front tooth by the oldest boy -
And though it was gray and rained until late afternoon, it was a thoroughly peaceful, pleasant, colorful, satisfying day of celebrating with family and friends the coming of Spring and new life.

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