Sunday, March 30, 2008

Closet Knitting

Despite the cold and snow, it is really spring here which prompted me to do a little spring pre-cleaning. Which basically means no actual cleaning content, just looking around thinking about what I should clean or organize and then getting distracted with something else.
So in my closet I looked inside the plastic overflow tub of yarn(yarn that does not fit in the yarn display cabinet or the baskets on the yarn tower - need to take pictures of those sometime)just to remind myself of what I have in there.

Some nice yarns waiting for me to remember what projects I intended for them and some not so nice stuff that ends up in the tub so I can just pretend it doesn't exist anymore and not count it as stash.
Also in my closet is a stack of knit items that take me down my personal knitting memory lane.

That red thing under the rolled up scarf is my first sweater - Tempting - from a long ago Knitty.
And a plastic bag of baby hats that were supposed to be donated somewhere at Christmastime. (Aha - my size 5 16" circular - that's where you've been all this time!)

And, oh yes, there are my bamboo size 8 needles! On the very beginnings of a Montego Bay scarf that's been under a towel since,uh, maybe August?

The Sea Silk is so lovely but I think I just got tired of so many K2togs and put it aside.

Anyway, upon finding the Sea Silk scarf I just sat down there in the closet and knit on it for a little while and decided that I should just do 3 pattern repeats on it every day and it might get done sometime. And 20 minutes a day alone in the closet sounds highly appealing to me and if I turn on the bathroom fan (the closet is in the bathroom) and close the doors to the closet, bathroom, and my bedroom, I may be able to tune out the various thumps and shouts coming from other parts of the house.
So that's all. Looking forward to the daily closet retreats. Life is so exciting.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a nice yarny goodness break during the day.