Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exercising the knitting muscles

Day 9 of absolutely no vigorous exercise and I am starting to go batty.

I was busily exercising my stupidity muscles last Monday - dancing around my house with the music turned up nice and loud, no kids around, feeling oh so free and awesome - when I decided I was so funky and cool of a dancer that I was going to throw in the splits at the perfect moment in the music and - AAAAAARRRRGHHHHH!
What was that?
What just went pop?

I sat stunned for a few moments as pain shot through my right gluteus and hamstring.
Did I really just do that? Am I really Andy Bernard from The Office?

I sat and tried to stretch gently. I then proceeded to dance (more gingerly) for another hour, determined for it not to be anything, but here I am 9 days later, still with a major pain in the butt - literally. I know I just need to rest it, but oh how I need to get moving again, for my body and my SANITY (endorphins you know).

No vigorous exercise, but definitely more knitting, and purchasing of knitting related items.

Last weekend was the annual LYS(local yarn store) tour in our area and some friends and I did a little yarn crawl. We got to maybe 7 of the 25 stores participating in the tour and had lots of fun chatting in the car, feeling yarn, collecting free patterns, being silly girls, eating yummy things (though at lunch there was a hair in my salad - I sent it back and it returned with a teeny gnat on a piece of cheese - I couldn't bear to have them throw away another meal, but I showed the server because I thought it was just too funny, wiped the bug off and ate the salad).

Good times despite having to shift and re-shift my aching bottom while driving - don't know why I agreed to be the driver. Driving all day and strolling all the LYS's had to be as good exercise as running 8 miles or a good weight training session right?

Anyway, these are the treasures I scored on our little jaunt.

(Just noticed those first two colors I chose look rather muscle
tissue-ish...interesting...maybe my subconscious trying to help me knit my muscles back together?...hmmm...)

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Tiffany said...

i wish i could harness just a smidge of your exercise habits. i haven't done anything in almost 2 years!!!