Friday, May 07, 2010


All of those still baby faces of kindergartners singing their lungs out for us moms.

Paper flower with his picture cheesing at me from the middle.

Another handmade plate to add to our priceless collection.

Being served a homemade muffin and fruit by the most handsome little 5 year old server ever.

Favorite recipes compiled into a whole book of "Tasty Treats". His is
"Special Brownies":
1 scoop of cocoa powder, some black beans, no eggs.
Blend it all together and bake it for a little while...
(there is more to it to make it actually edible;)

My last kindergartner sitting on my lap, arms slung around me singing "hug a friend's neck hug a neck next to 'ya, hug a friend's neck and sing lala..." while I tip my tears back into my eyes and try to remain composed.

To hold all this sweetness.
To swallow him right up and keep him safe forever.
To teach him confidence and trust and love and let him go.

The dilemma of the mother's heart - the joy-filled ache - the gift.

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Elle J said...

Sweet post!! I never thought of choking back the tears as a gift, but after reading your post, you are absolutely right! With out those moments, life would just not be the same. How cool ~ I will remember that the next time. =)