Friday, November 02, 2007


So 4 months - pretty impressive blog neglect -
But I have a baby to knit for! My sister called me today, straight
from the bathroom and told me she had TWO pink lines!

I have been knitting - just not taking the time or mental energy to write about it - I don't know how people keep up blogs - I salute you regular bloggers - you are my heroes - and you also provide me with hours of voyeuristic enjoyment- how selfish I am -

Here are a couple pics of my "Le Slouch" by Wendy Bernard - I had a bit of Malabrigo worsted left from a "My so called Scarf" (that is finished and beautiful but unphotographed, sorry) This was a fun quick hat.

I've also finished the Tilted Duster from the Fall Interweave but haven't put on buttons or photographed it - pathetic I know - I used Valley Yarns Berkshire that I'd initially purchased for Starsky which I started then frogged - The Duster is very cute and I've worn it out a few times with the collar open and I think it looks pretty good - the seaming is of course not stellar but I'm happy - I'll try to have pics next time (that could mean March or so)

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Tammy said...

Welcome back! But get the camera out, gal! We need pictures! I can't wait to see your Tilted Duster.