Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cute Thing 1

I'm plugging along on mom's linen sweater - i'm definitely not a fast large project finisher - I know a plain stockinette short sleeve tee doesn't seem that large of a project, but I am one very easily distracted person. Especially when I see teeny tiny cute things like this Baby Moc-A-Soc pattern. I just could not stop myself from immediately clicking the order button to get my download RIGHT AWAY. Though I am fairly impulsive, I have shown great restraint when it comes to all the immediate download patterns that are at my fingertips every time I get on the computer, but there was no way to resist this one.
I cast on with some Knitpicks Risata sock yarn even though the only colors I had made a kind of funky combo - and here is #1.

It was quick and #2 is on the needles - these are the cutest things ever.

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Michelle said...

so cute!