Monday, April 21, 2008

I Went Out By Myself

You know how this whole knitting subculture has its own celebrities and I felt like such a lame-o fangirl - I have never been like this about anything before knitting - the yarn has completely entangled me and I was giddy like a 12 year old girl meeting... wow, I was going to insert the name of some teeny bopper rockstar then realized that I am so out of it that I don't know any of them - in any case, you get the idea.
She was great. Her talk was a mixture of her signature dry humor and enlightenment about the knitting culture. She was personable even after her week of sock camp and the prospect of having to talk to this whole line of knitting whack-o's bowing down before her.
And she was tolerant even of this one

who showed her the sock on the Addi Turbos where one of the needles was bent at a 90 degree angle and asked if she prayed over needles and made them well ( what a nut job).
Mainly it was fun to just get out by myself. And from the utter exhilaration I felt afterwards, I obviously need to get out more often.

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Michelle said...

Cool! I love her books and blog.