Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Broadening and the "Knittiversary"

I am fast approaching my 2 year "knittiversary", October 27th to be exact - and as this milestone approaches I think about how much knitting has broadened me as a person - I know a lot more about how to mess with things on the computer, I have communicated with people I have never met and will probably never meet in person, I can look at a sweater at the store and analyze the stitch pattern and design, and last but certainly not least, knitting has brought about a significant broadening of my hips - and other areas as well. I'm not complaining or blaming my precious yarn and needles for the state in which I have found myself, but there is definitely a correlation I think. Going to the gym, for me, only happens(happened) late night - once knitting came along, well you know - late night is when I can pick up the needles without immediately having to put them down again because a small person needs their bottom wiped or their doll found or their sibling to stop copying them - and the soothing nature of the fabric through my hands and the mental engagement of trying to tweak a pattern just so - much more alluring to me than going and getting all sweaty and sore and having big bulky men and svelte, tan and toned women smirk at me in my frump-mom workout clothes trying to operate those machines like I know what I'm doing.
And well, I just WANT to knit - I need to exercise but I don't WANT to - I wonder how many calories you burn flapping your arms in despair over some dropped stitches -or how many muscles you use to wind a ball of yarn? Apparently not enough.
So, as I approach this anniversary, I am glad indeed that knitting and I have found each other - for just a small bit of sanity, a place to learn creativity, and virtual community. I am not so glad, however, about the spread and hope to discover some new form of exercise that incorporates knitting into the workout - you know something like those yoga workouts where you use your baby as the weight - maybe holding your needles with a big heavy sweater on them out in front of you and doing 5 squats every 10 stitches while raising the sweater above your head - I'm sure there's a lot of demand at the gym for a class like that-


Dysfunctional Knitter said...

You know how they sell those fanny packs for holding your yarn? You could strap one of those puppies on and off you go. Walk AND knit! You crack me up...I think you are so funny. And, I definately do not agree that knitting has put on the pounds...or at least for your sake, I hope not. At any rate, I can't tell, but then again it's not my bottom we're talking about either...plus, people are always harder on themselves than on others. Right?

Tammy said...

Ahhhh... so that explains my need to buy larger pants each winter since I started knitting. Huh - never thought about it before... but you're right, I never, ever in my life spent so much time sitting on my bottom before.

Okay, I'm getting up right now to tuck kids into bed. I'll do 5 squats each way. :)