Friday, October 20, 2006


I love fall. I love the chill air in the mornings. I love the leaves swirling all over the place. I love having a real reason to knit something. I started this Ariann sweater and I just can't wait to wear it. Not because it is so beautiful and sophisticated (though it is both of these) - and not because I want some admiration of my lovely handiwork (though I will gladly take compliments with modest downcast eyes and a few self-deprecatory mumblings) - I can't wait to wear this sweater because I AM COLD. I'm noticing that I haven't bought a whole lot of clothes for myself in the past two years since this knitting thing took hold of me. Any spare cash goes to amplifying the stash(sorry couldn't resist the stupid rhyme). So I can't seem to find a decent "throw on with anything sweater" in my closet - and I don't want to buy one because I'm going to finish Ariann any day now(ha ha). In the meantime I will continue to wear my old royal blue zippered sweatershirt hoodie thing that I got for Christmas from an old uncle about 15 years ago. I love the thing - but have had a few friends refer to "the sweater" with smirky little chortles.
I finished one hat for the LYS hat drive - donating hats to a local Cancer Center - hope to do 2 more before the beginning of November deadline.

This hat is in cream colored Zara - a soft and springy merino wool - I didn't use the Elizabeth Austen wool I had bought at the LYS because it just didn't feel quite soft enough for a hat, but it is being put to good use becoming a Sophie bag(old Magknits).

So I will continue my fall knitting - with my newfound utilitarian motivation. Maybe I'll have a nice cardigan soon to replace "blue sweater".


Tammy said...

Oh how I wish I was cold! Just when it started to cool off here we got those nasty dry Santa Ana winds bringing the temp up with them.

As for the Knit Picks Options, I love them! I much prefer them over Addis even.

Rae said...

Tonight at my Knitting Group one of the girls brought her Knit Pick Options. She raved about them. (I truely value her opinion as she is a mstr knitter and instructor. Not to mention she knits models for the Drops publications.) Anyway, I was counting stitches when she was talking but there are needle size markers....I guess they are worth getting if you get the set.