Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Next Up

I bought more yarn. (Hand over my eyes so you can't see me - huh?)
I couldn't resist even though I haven't started Ariann or even finished the SKB -

and a little SKB aside ( I mean aside as in tangent although it has been literally put to the side as well - oh too much unneccesary explanation) anyway, Sunday night, after reading people's encouragement to move forward with the sweater, I was happily trotting through the lace on the arm so glad to have started again when something awful happened - I'm not sure quite how (well maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was a bit past midnight and my eyes were closing on the plain knit rounds) but some stitches fell of the needle - I had had absolutely no trouble with this sweater until this, my last leg (well arm actually), and I was completely distraught - I could not figure out how to get those naughty little boys back on because it was a few of the yarn over stitches and they'd dropped a few rows - just not quite as obvious to me as if it were a nice little ladder in a stockinette section and at that time of night I had no inclination of trying to figure it out and bungle things even more - so riiiiiiiiiiip back to before the seed stitch border on the arm - just maddening - I love the sweater - it will get finished - but I'm not speaking to it right now.

Back to the newest acquisition - I ordered some wool/alpaca yarn in a Chocolate brown color for a nice warm sweater for - ME - it's "Berkshire" from Valley Yarns - I got it on WEBS - and I'm thinking the Valley Yarns line is there own line kind of thing - it was a good price plus I bought some Plymouth Encore for Log Cabins for the kids which amounted to enough to receive the 20% off of orders over $60 discount that WEBS offers - its a great site.

Also, I was so excited when the other day one of the small group leaders of our Church High School program called and asked if I would teach a group of 9th grade girls to knit. I probably scared her with my overly enthusiastic and quite spastic positive response to her request. I was just so glad to have a "charity" knitting opportunity thrown in my lap - you know to force all those projects for ME out of my lap - anyway I'm looking forward to helping and passing along this craft (obsession) to these unsuspecting High Schoolers - little do they know where this could lead them -


Tammy said...

My sleeveless SKB has been sidelined as well. Maybe we need to make it a race or set a deadline to motivate each other to finish! Or we could just start a new partially finished sweater fashion trend.

In the meanwhile, like you, I keep buying yarn and casting on. *sigh*

Tammy said...

As for the highschoolers, I think that's great. A chance to do some charity knitting and teen service as well. Just think "Say no to drugs... Yes to knitting!" A much safer (although potentially more expensive) addiction.