Thursday, October 05, 2006


I need to make a clarification - I have at times announced myself as having a knitting obsession. One might gather from the use of the word "obsession" that I knit lots and lots of stuff, like my hands just can't stop moving with these sticks in them or I'll fall off the edge of the earth - but I suppose what I really am is "obsessed about knitting" - as opposed to being "an obsessive knitter". The latter I think are people who really cannot put down the needles - they are extremely fast and productive and I am green with envy (up to my internet-glazed-over eyeballs) of them.

Now I fall into the "obsessed about knitting" category - this means I do really love knitting, but mostly I just sit here on the computer drooling over all of the lovely things other knitters are churning out, meandering from site to site looking for the perfect yarn at the perfect price, and clapping my hands in glee over the newest free pattern that I can print out and place lovingly into the ever growing queue of "when I'm done with _____ I'm going to start this!" Problem is I have a hard time getting done with _____. Unless it's a wee baby hat or something, most things hang onto my needles for a long, long time.

Now, this Simple Knitted Bodice, well I had visions of my first 2 week FO, and I was actually done with the body and neckline at 2 weeks - so then I thought OK maybe a 3 week FO, but alas at 3 weeks I am stuck - stuck halfway down the second sleeve and I haven't picked the sweater up in 3 days - I haven't even knit anything for 3 days - thus my musing over what sort of obsession I am actually involved in -

So here I am posting a picture of a very simply not finished Bodice - because it might be a few months before my right arm gets so cold that I am finally pushed over my "fear of finishing projects" hump and have a real completed project picture. In the meantime I might start something else, and I'll definitely be sitting up til the wee hours of the morning, eyeballs swirling with all the knitting deliciousness that's out there in that world of true obsessive knitters.


Anonymous said...

I think it looks really good. I can't wait to see it in the flesh. I liked the color you knit with and I think it's very flattering. So, go and knit. What else could you possibly have to do anyway?

Tammy said...

I can sooooo relate. While I usually do have needles in my hands, I probably spend about the same amount of time on the computer scoping out my next project, which I way too often buy the yarn for, and way too often becomes another item on my way too long list.

As for my SKB, I've casted on for 3 more projects while mine still sits sleeveless in a drawer. It's a keeper so I know it's day will come. :)

Yours is looking so great though... You just need the "perfect cheer" to get it finished. (Please indulge my old Sat. Night Live joke)

Rae said...

I love your SKB! What yarn did you use? My issue is that I have 5 UFO's and about 6 waiting to get on the needles. I saw the SKB yesterday and must start it. I went to sleep thinking about it woke up thinking about it. Its actually quite haunting. But, I can't bring myself to buying the recommended yarn. If I do add it to my waiting list I must use a less expensive yarn. But, as far as your obsession....everyone who has access to a computer...has that obsession.