Friday, September 29, 2006

We Love the Big Brown Truck

A large box arrived on the doorstep today - but no, its not what you're thinking (or my first choice of package on the doorstep contents) - nevertheless an exciting package, especially for the 3 small ones in the house. My parents recently visited China, and like the good, doting, gift-bearing grandparents that they are, they made sure to bring back a whole rickshaw-ful of goodies for the kids. Actually, they didn't do too badly this time - not too many little trinkety things that end up getting stuck in the vents or broken after 3 minutes of play - A few toys for the kids - like you can't find toys Made in China here - but anyway, they also sent these cute little outfits and to my great astonishment the kids actually wanted to try them on and then to my even greater wonder and joy they cooperated and posed for me to snap some photos - This does not happen here ever - our photos are either candid or if they are posed, someone is sticking out a tongue or hanging upside down or there's some serious nose picking in progress, and then there's me in various contortions trying to grab the one getting away - anyway they looked darling.

My parents remembered me too this time - look at this cute bag -

Perfect for a bit'o'yarn and needles and a pattern - I'll be knitting in Asian sophistication rather than having to dig my take-along projects out of my gooey, cheerio crumbed diaper backpack.

Not a lot of knitting today - started the first SKB sleeve - contemplating casting on for Ariann but also contemplating being a well-rested mom to give all involved a better chance for a happy Saturday.


Dysfunctional Knitter said...

I love the looks perfect for toting around your books for bible study. Hint, hint!

Tammy said...

Just posting an encouragement for those SKB sleeves! I am the exact same way with most things (especially cleaning)... I get 3/4 of the way through something and then I totally lose interest (although laziness may be more a factor in the cleaning thing). That's one of the things I love about knitting. I can put something aside and work on other things until I feel ready to finish. I surprise myself that I actually manage to finish almost everything I start knitting.