Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I feel so light and free now that those two baby sweaters are on a UPS truck somewhere on their way down to California. I'm going to finish Simple Knitted Bodice and with the Andean silk that was intended for SKB I'm going to start Ariann - I just really like how the Chicknits patterns are so classic looking - I've bought two other patterns from Chicknits as well, Scoop du Jour and the Ribby Cardigan(which I think has attained star status in the knitting community). I haven't started knitting either of these, just felt like I really needed those patterns for sometime. Meanwhile, I still have the beginnings of Lanaknits "Lacy Little Top" in Allhemp 3 sitting atop my yarn tower - the tower that used to hold towels in the bathroom but now holds baskets of yarn due to my insatiable need to store yarn just in case you know - And the first 3 "logs" of a log cabin blanket for my son - and I need to start blankets for my other two kids as well(for Christmas) - and the Soleil sweater I promised my mother for her birthday that happened back in April - Whoa! I started out this post feeling all happy and relieved and now look - all this stuff I forgot I HAVE to do.
I'm going to bed - I'll try again tomorrow.

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