Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Heart Goes Pitter - Patter

Is it so weird that my heart does that when I see that plump and juicy looking bag sitting on my doorstep? After enjoying a wonderful and surprisingly peaceful day at the Fair with 3 small children, all the happy memories we've created vanish from my mind to be replaced by complete and utter yarn lust. And my hands are all fumbling with excitement as I try to get the bag open - is it just so pathetic that yarn excites me to this degree?
Anyway, I got my Knitpicks order - Andean Silk in Sangria, Shine Worsted in Sea Spray(or something aquatic like that), and a little taste of Gloss in Woodland Sage.

I think I'm going to end up using the Shine for my Simple Knitted Bodice - i'd planned to use the Andean Silk but I just so love the greyish silver color of the shine - and there are plenty of other projects I "have to knit" for which the Andean Silk will be just wonderful.

I need to stop rubbing the yarn on my face and start knitting now. good bye.


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous. I can't wait to get my knitpicks order...waiting is so hard. The knitpicks shine worsted looks great in your soon on your SKB.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you'll get this, but I changed my blog address to

Happy Knitting,