Thursday, September 28, 2006

That's Nice

I went to a Bible Study at our Church today and we were introducing ourselves in a small group and of course as part of my intro I have to mention my knitting obsession (or maybe its just a thinking about knitting obsession), but anyway, I felt kind of silly talking about it to people who don't knit - especially when I said I was knitting a sweater for myself and not warm little hats and blankets for the premature and drug filled babies at the Center down the hill - of course this guilt and feeling of awkwardness was self-induced, as all of the ladies had something or other that was a "hobby" or occupied much of their time/thoughts.
But I started thinking about why I spend so much time on this and is it OK that I spend so much time on this when it's purely for me - the act of knitting and the objects that I'm knitting(mostly). I think with 3 kids running around all day "undoing" things I just enjoy having something that I can do that stays done(well mostly or at least once I've frogged seventeen times and added this and that here and there and tied the little gaps closed and called it good) - but anyway, I suppose a Creative God in whose image I am would be OK with me wanting to express some of that creativity right? I think it's the all consuming quality it has for me that makes me feel like I've gone a little overboard sometimes. But I've always been a little unbalanced I guess.

Well, how about a little yarn to lighten up a self-absorbed, ponderous post.

Some Rowan Calmer I bought a few months back on Knit Happens - it was on sale for 7.95 a ball -regularly 11.95 or so - It's slated to become a log cabin blanket for my little girl, but we'll see what happens - anyway I was so excited - and actually I'm getting excited now just remembering how excited I was to find it. See? this is what happens - the colors, the soft squishiness, the thought of it becoming fabric through my hands - too much - or maybe just the right amount of something for me to balance all that goes out everyday to everyone else - I think I'm alright for now.

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Tammy said...

Okay... I could've totally written that post. I know exactly how you feel. But I think that as mothers (especially homeschooling moms) who pour so much of ourselves into others, it's okay to have something that's personal, just for us. I know it keeps me healthier and happier.

I do struggle with the time issue though. I strongly suspect that I may spend just a bit too much time and money on this little hobby/obsession.

BTW - my first thought as I was looking at your blog the other day was how generous you were to spend your valuable knitting time making that cute little sweater and hat... so there.

Love the Calmer colors... can't wait to see what they become.